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Rain, rain, go away!

It’s been a soggy rainy week here on the homestead. It rained over the weekend. It rained on Monday. Then it rained overnight Monday. Then there was rain in the forecast for the whole week! So, with lots of clouds in the skies, we decided to study the weather a bit.

On Tuesday we watched an old stand-by; Bill Nye, “Storms”. The kids moaned and groaned their way through it. They complain about it all the time, but I think they’d like it better than the cut and dry stuff.

Then there were some “super boring, no fun” worksheets. We read these out loud together, and went over the questions. One of the worksheets had a diagram of cloud types at the bottom. We took our sheet outside to contemplate what kind of clouds we had today.



After we decided that we had nimbostratus clouds we did a few worksheets, and we made a cloud flip book, that they also grumbled and complained about. You’d think I’d asked them to actually pick clouds out of the sky.


Cloud flip books
The Middle’s flip book

We took a sheet of construction paper, and cut slits in it. Then took cotton balls and formed our clouds. I let the kids pick which clouds they wanted to make. Some were obviously a little easier than others, and that’s ok. Regular school glue works best for sticking the clouds to the paper. We tried glue sticks but they didn’t hold the cotton balls well. And unfortunately, the more glue the better. For the dark clouds we took some paint and dabbed it on to the clouds. I didn’t get a picture of this for some reason.


When you lift the clouds up, you get the description of the type of clouds under it.


Peanuts clouds

Peanut got a little carried away with his cumulonimbus clouds, but he had fun. Tomorrow I’m planning on making clouds and rain with shaving cream! Fun!! (but messy!)

-The Wannabe Homesteader-

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